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Common Texas Hill Country Forbs

Common Texas Hill Country Forbs is a supplemental reference for selected plants that are common throughout the Hill Country in a variety of habitats.   For purposes of this book, a forb is a non-woody, herbaceous plant that is not a grass or a sedge. 

This book includes both native and non-native species.  The non-natives are included, since they have adapted to Hill Country environments and now are widespread in many areas.  Some are becoming invasive and threaten the native species.  
Information covered is intended to aid plant identification by providing multiple images for each plant, highlighting identification characteristics such as bloom color and structure, leaf arrangement, etc.  Plant information is organized alphabetically by Common Name.  To facilitate searches in alternate sequences, cross reference lists by Bloom Color, Bloom Period, and Plant Family are provided.

Version 1.1 - Available August, 2015

For iPad and iPhone (iOS 8.4 or later) users - available on iBooks®

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