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Woody Plants of the Texas Hill Country

This book aids the identification of woody plants growing throughout the Texas Hill Country and supplements existing field guides and references.  Included are trees, shrubs, vines, and yucca-like plants, covering both native and non-native species.

   - An interactive Key to Woody Plant Identification - a series of Yes/No questions leading to
      species identification
   - Information pages with an “at-a-glance” description of key characteristics and a photo gallery
       highlighting these characteristics
   - More than 400 high quality photos to aid plant identification                                                                            
   - An illustrated reference for leaf terminology (types, shapes, arrangement, etc.)

Version 1.1 - Available July, 2015

   For iPad and iPhone (iOS 8.4 or later) users - available on iBooks®

                                                                For other devices
- download a PDF file from this link:      Woody Plants PDF